NAME: Kevin Kapoor
IGN/Handle: Irøh (or sometimes ZukosUncle)
Twitch: @irohsTeaShop
With fire in his heart and analysis on the brain, Kevin has been a competitor since birth. From being a state champion debater to a national champion beatboxer, regardless of the venue or skill, he identifies the most effective routes to victory and pushes for the W. He is a proven League of Legends coach who can help an individual gain elo or a team win tournaments. No matter how big or small the aspiration, he will assist in achieving your goals by making you the best you that you can be.

NAME: Desmond Wong
IGN/Handle: Overlorred
Twitch: @overlorredtft
A truly competitive soul, Desmond strives for the top of the standings in everything he does. From swimming to gaming, he loves having a great time and improving day by day to reach his goals.
A versatile coach in every sense of the word, he brings four years of experience competing at the top level of the collegiate esports scene as both a player and as a coach. Combined with his six years as a high elo solo queue player, his coaching style brings together all the knowledge he has learned over the years from playing with and against the best. It is the perfect blend of his experiences from his time in the competitive scene and grinding the solo queue ladder. Whether you're completely new to the game or an aspiring pro, Desmond is ready to guide you every step of the way to help you reach your goals.
Bonus (if needed): In his free time, Desmond loves to play games like TFT, Valorant and Pummel Party with his friends, watch TV shows on Netflix and travel the world, experiencing new cultures and trying new food.

Name: Alex Gingrich
IGN/Handle: Chunder
Twitter: @alexgingrich
Alex has built his entire professional life around applying traditional sports and business strategy into esports. Although Alex has been playing competitive games since the days of Halo 3 he got his first taste in esports player improvement at grad school when he managed the inaugural Varsity Overwatch teams at The University of Akron. Since then Alex has gone on to work for ReKTGlobal, owners of Team Rogue and The London Royal Ravens, where he gains first hand knowledge of professional esports and the mentalities of what makes a great player.
He is passionate about strategy games such as Legends of Runeterra, he takes lessons from real world scenarios and applies them to his teachings in game. Alex will bring a unique perspective to his coaching sessions that is hard to find in the still young world of esports. That of a traditionally educated mindset and discipline. From mechanics to out of game preparation, he explains the “why” behind every action that goes into being a great player or team.